Letter: HB 1177 merely sets up training mechanism 



I’m afraid your article in the May 23 edition of Current In Carmel about HB 1177 may lead some readers to believe that any school employee in Indiana could theoretically apply for the state funded firearm training that the bill sets up and funds, and perhaps even believe that those employees could then possess a firearm in the school building where they are employed. That is not the case.

Indiana law already allows school corporations to authorize certain employees to voluntarily possess firearms on school property and has for several years. I’m told that only about three to five school districts in Indiana currently do so. HB 1177 merely sets up a training mechanism and funding to ensure that those employees can get training similar to what new police officers receive.

Of course Carmel Clay Schools would never do this, because we have the luxury of having a resource officer in every building, and the Carmel Police Department would be on scene within a couple of minutes. The school districts that have authorized some personnel to possess a firearm on school property are rural school districts that can’t afford resource officers and where it might take as long as 20 minutes for law enforcement officers to respond. In those districts, it only makes sense that those employees have appropriate training.

State Rep. Jerry Torr, Carmel