Hamilton County Emergency Management to test outdoor warning sirens


Hamilton County Emergency Management will resume the weekly testing of its outdoor warning sirens at 11 a.m. March 10.

The sirens will also sound during the statewide tornado drill around 11:15 a.m. March 15, according to Hamilton County Emergency Management officials, who encourage everyone to exercise their plan by going to their safe place during the drill.

“The outdoor warning sirens are intended to warn those who are outdoors. Because sirens are not intended to warn those indoors, we recommend every household and business to have a weather radio,” said Shane Booker, executive director of Hamilton County Emergency Management.

Sirens are only sounded when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning or when a public safety personnel or trained weather spotter sees a funnel cloud or tornado. When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, a message will be sent to cell phones in the county area near the warning.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which manages the emergency alert system and the wireless emergency alerts, is working to improve alerts to only those in the warned area. Hamilton County Emergency Management uses the same system to send non-weather-related emergencies to cell phones and weather radios.

Alerts can include hazardous materials warnings, shelter-in-place warnings, law enforcement warnings, and more.Hamilton County Emergency Management officials recommend everyone to have a plan for severe weather, an emergency kit with supplies for at least three days and multiple ways to receive warnings, such as a weather radio and the free HCEM mobile app.

Resources to help the public prepare for severe weather, emergencies, and disasters

Can be found at www.ready.gov. The website also includes information and games to help children understand emergency preparedness, officials said.

To learn more about outdoor warning sirens in Hamilton County, please visit hamiltoncounty.in.gov/235/Outdoor-Warning-Sirens.