Take Heart fundraiser has special meaning for Zionsville woman


Monisha Mitchell’s fundraising mission is truly heartfelt.

Mitchell, 50, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in 2019.

“I was symptomatic since I was 15 and I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my late 40s,” Mitchell said. “So, the opportunity for me to have surgery is gone. I have medication that keeps my heart rate down but there is not a cure. I definitely want to raise awareness because had this condition been found earlier, I could have had surgery that could have fixed it. Now, it’s really trying to thwart off the worst. My coronary artery is in the wrong place and beats too fast or too hard. The risk is sudden heart death.”

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Mitchell (Photo courtesy of Monisha Mitchell)

The Take Heart 2023 benefit concert is set for 5 to 8 p.m. Feb. 10 at COhatch, 75 North Main St., Zionsville. The concert features the Janeways, a Zionsville group of women. North High Brewing will provide beverages. Mitchell said the goal is to raise $10,000.

Mitchell, who has a mental health therapy practice at CoHatch, has lived in Zionsville for six years.

Mitchell held her first fundraiser in 2021.

“Everything for the event is being donated, so all of the proceeds go to the American Heart Association and the Adult Congenital Heart Association,” she said.

Mitchell is an American Heart Association Women of Impact nominee.

“That program is about bringing awareness, particularly to women, because so much of the time we don’t respond to the symptoms,” Mitchell said. “Often, women are misdiagnosed. In my 20s, they thought it was anxiety. Then I became a therapist and it’s not anxiety. I know because that’s my area of expertise. They thought it was a lot of different things because that’s the medical system. It’s helping women understand to listen to their bodies, advocate for the health and prioritize themselves, so that’s a big part of the campaign as well.

“The fundraising benefits everybody that could potentially have a heart condition.”

Mitchell said her condition is very rare and her specialist is at the Mayo Clinic.

The American Heart Association does research and supports programs for people for everything from a stroke to a heart attack, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she plans to continue to the fundraiser every two years.

“It’s challenging to have my focus be on this issue for a long period of time because my condition won’t ever be resolved,” Mitchell said. “I want to talk about, bring awareness and share my story. I also have to be mindful of not having too much of my life focused on that for too long.”

Mitchell, who grew up on the north side of Indianapolis, has a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from Indiana University and a graduate certificate in public management from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She also has a master’s degree in social work and obtained a clinical license in social work.

Mitchell specializes in trauma and mood disorders. She also serves as a consultant in diversity, equity and inclusion. She said she founded her company to bring healing to the wounds left by trauma, both individual and collective, including those caused by racist harm. Mitchell serves on the Zionsville Police Dept. Use of Force Board. She also serves as an ambassador for the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce.

Mitchell has a 7-year-old son, Braxton, and two adult children, Tim, a 2018 Zionsville Community High School graduate, and Camryn, an Indianapolis resident.

The cost is $25 per person and includes one drink per ticket. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

For more, visit monishamitchelllcsw.com.