New turn signal law is in effect


A new Indiana turn signal law has taken effect Jan. 1. It requires drivers in Indiana to signal all turns and lane changes “a reasonable time” before completing them. Prior to the change, the law mandated that a turn signal be activated at least 200 feet before the turn or lane change or 300 feet if the vehicle is traveling in excess of 50 mph.

During the 2022 legislative session, Hoosier lawmakers – including State Sen. Aaron Freeman (R-Indianapolis) – said the old law was unrealistic in several “turning” situations.

“Anybody who has ever pulled out of the Senate parking lot at the Statehouse, turned right onto Ohio Street, and turned right onto Capital Street has violated the law,” Freeman said. “It is impossible to comply with because it’s only 170 feet.”

Freeman led the change with State Sens. Mike Bohacek and Dennis Kruse by incorporating Senate Bill 124 into the House Enrolled Act 1167.