Noblesville artist’s work on display in Fishers


The artwork of a local resident will be featured in the Meyer Najem Construction building in Fishers through the end of the year. 

CIN COM 1025 nickel plate arts Howell mug photo
Dan Howell

Noblesville resident Dan Howell’s work is featured in a collection of platters made of glazed stoneware on display in the second-floor gallery space at Meyer Najem, 11787 Lantern Rd. The series started as a reaction to political and social unrest, and his pieces that contain “Chaos Control Failure” in their title are a reflection of that unrest, according to Howell. 

Howell began working with clay as a child and made sculptures on the creek banks near the source of the White River on his father’s farm, eventually continued honing his craft specifically with clay after encouragement from his high school art teacher. He now has a ceramic studio at his home on the banks of the White River in Noblesville and previously taught art for 45 years at three different high schools in Indiana. 

Howell’s platters on display at Meyer Najem are an image of some concrete structure that have been overrun by a more organic nonstructured element.

“As I was working on these ‘Chaos Control Failure’ platters, I got intrigued more and more by the textures and patterns, so it’s kind of a release to be able to express it and be done with it and then move on to another experience or expression of some sort,” Howell said. 

The series evolved into other images dealing with contrast and patterns and textures, according to Howell. 

“I feel very good about the finished collection and I’m glad that I was able to move on in another direction – as I moved onto colors, textures, patterns and movement – the movement of the chaos and not being able to control it. I worked it out of my system,” Howell said. “I am very pleased with how these turned out.”

The full exhibit, which can be seen with Howell’s hand-carved limestone sculptures, are available for viewing from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at Meyer Najem. Howell’s work will be on display through Dec. 29. 

All works are available for sale by scanning the QR codes in the gallery or contacting Nickel Plate Arts by calling 317-452-3690.