‘Conversations With Candidates’ videos feature Carmel school board races 


Carmel voters can learn more about the candidates running for three seats on the Carmel Clay Schools board of trustees through a series of video conversations that can be watched online.

The Carmel Education Foundation, OneZone Chamber of Commerce and Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation partnered to present the “Conversations With Candidates” series, which includes one video for each school board race. 

“We hope that everyone takes the time to view these videos and follow up with the candidates to ask questions and have important conversations,” CEF Executive Director Jennifer Penix said. “Our goal was to help our neighbors make an informed vote – either early or at the polls on Nov. 8, 2022.”  

Each candidate responded to the same four questions about supporting teachers and staff, use of safety referendum funds, addressing mental health challenges and effectiveness of existing school policies. The questions were selected based on community input. 

The three school board seats representing districts are on the ballot in November. Candidates represent a specific district, but Carmel voters – regardless of where they live within the city – are able to vote in each non-partisan race. 

The candidates for District 1 are Sheldon Barnes, Jenny Brake, Stephanie Ann Flittner and Kristin Kouka; candidates for District 2 are Lori B. Long, Jennifer Nelson-Williams and Adam Sharp; and candidates for District 3 are Greg Brown and Jake Nichols. 

Watch the videos youtube.com/watch?v=_OP5oEpZt9c and youtu.be/NePMvNgpVcA (introductions), vimeo.com/757993856/67a7f55696 (District 1), vimeo.com/757984925/cee1376cf9 (District 2) and vimeo.com/757981280/ccd7a94db4 (District 3).