Find your inspiration to create

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Randy Sorrell’s “Wild Days” is an original oil painting on a gallery-style canvas, inspired by the Sonoran Desert sunset photo. (Photo courtesy of Randy Sorrell).

Regardless of occupation or role in life, we all hunger to be inspired, don’t we? And when that inspiration arrives, our performance suddenly excels. Whether it’s parenting, leading a nonprofit, being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or on the line at a restaurant, inspiration is something we all seek. Some might call it motivation, being emotionally engaged or positive thinking. But it’s really all about inspiration.

So, how are you inspired? Vacations are a leading poll winner, quickly followed by being in nature, faith-based moments and family. 

Steve Jobs was motivated to leave something behind that changed everything. Done! Ballet dancer Tamara Rojo seeks inspiration in film, theater, music and art. Paul Cezanne found inspiration in the mountains of Sainte-Victoire in France and their changing landscapes through the seasons, which he painted many interpretations. Dali was jazzed by a little village in Port Lligat, Spain, and Monet from the gardens of Giverny. You’ve seen the paintings!

It seems that most artists/painters discover inspiration from nature, and I am no exception. Sunsets on any beach or a secluded Arizona/Utah/New Mexico-mountain hike are particularly relevant. So is music. Loud music, my better half would say. A recent concert at Ravinia in Chicago taking in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on an especially beautiful night ignited several fresh paintings. The Palladium and gritty jazz clubs inspire me, too, as do family moments and faith.

Scheduling a moment of inspiration doesn’t seem likely for most. It’s not something that you can simply “dial up.” Or is it? Perhaps you can set the tone, be in the right place. Free your mind. And then wait.

Need inspired? Try scheduling it.