Current Road Construction



Project: Range Line Road reconstruction

Location: 116th Street to Carmel Drive. A roundabout is under construction at 116th Street

Expected completion: Summer


Project: Road improvements associated with The Edge apartment construction project

Location: 96th Street between Westfield Boulevard and Maple Drive is set to close June 21. Detour on 106th Street and Keystone Parkway.

Expected completion: July 19


Project: Construction east of Sophia Square

Location: 1st Ave. NW and 1st St. NW. Access the Sophia Square parking garage from W. Main Street and from 1st St. NW.

Expected completion: Substantial completion by the end of June with full completion set for July.


Project: New roundabout

Location: E. Main Street and Richland Avenue.

Expected completion: Fall


Project: New roundabout

Location: E. Main Street and Lexington Boulevard.

Expected completion: Fall


Project: Widening and improvements along Smoky Row Road

Location: Between the Monon Greenway and U.S. 31. The road will be fully closed during the project. The Monon Greenway is closed until later this month.

Expected completion: Late summer


Project: Widening of the Monon Greenway

Location: Between City Center Drive and Carmel Drive

Expected completion: November


Project: Installation of a slip lane

Location: Smoky Row Road and Keystone Parkway

Expected completion: July



Project: Olio Road driveway improvements

Location: Olio Road south of 113th Street. The abandoned IMI site, where Geist Waterfront Park will be located, had three driveways. All three of those drives will be closed off and a new access point/curb cut will be established to accommodate safer turning movements to and from the park. The driveway to the parcel across Olio Road for the boat dock launch will be relocated to be directly across from the park site entrance.

Expected completion: The project started in June and is estimated to end in July.


Project: A new single-lane roundabout

Location: The intersection at Southeastern Parkway and Cyntheanne Road is closed.

Estimated completion: The end of July


Project: Interchange construction on 146th street.

Location: The intersection of Ind. 37 and 146th Street. Best detour is bypassing 146th street by taking 141st street.

Expected completion: The project was scheduled to be complete in May but appears behind schedule. The City of Fishers has not responded to multiple requests for comment regarding an update on the project. The updated completion date on the 37 Thrives construction website claims expected completion is set for this summer, but the Drive Fishers website stated construction is expected to be complete in the fall.   


Project: Roundabout construction on 131st street.

Location: The intersection of Ind. 37 and 131st Street. Best detour is to avoid 131st street by taking 126th street.

Expected completion: July



Project: New trail

Location: The project will construct an 8-foot-wide asphalt trail north from Wellington Parkway of the Wellington Northeast subdivision to the 5-point roundabout at Greenfield Avenue. Southbound 10th Street (also known as Allisonville Road) will be detoured to Eighth Street. The southbound closure began May 2 and will last for 60 days. Two more closures will happen later.

Expected completion: November.


Project: New roundabout

Location: Boden Road and 156th Street. 156th Street is closed between Boden Road and Olio Road. The detour route is Boden Road, Olio Road and 146th Street.

Estimated completion: July 30


Project: Small structure replacement

Location: Beginning on or after May 2, 256th Street in Cicero between Ind. 213 and Lacy Road will be closed to all thru traffic for the replacement of two small structures.

Expected completion: Aug. 1



Project: New roundabout

Location: The intersection of 191st Street and Grassy Branch Road is closed to all thru traffic.

Expected completion: Aug. 30  


Project: Reconstruction of 151st Street

Location: A section of 151st Street from Towne Road to Buchanan Lane is closed for reconstruction. The intersection of 151st Street and Towne Road will remain open during construction.

Expected completion: Summer


Project: New roundabout

Location: The intersection of 161st Street and Union Street will be closed on or after April 27 for the construction of a new roundabout.

Expected completion: The project will be complete by August.


Project: Chad Hittle Drive roundabout

Location: A section of 191st Street from Tomlinson Road to U.S. 31 will be converted into a boulevard with a roundabout at Chad Hittle Drive. 191st Street from the east leg of the Tomlinson Road roundabout to Chad Hittle Drive is closed.

Estimated completion: End of July



Project: Templin Road Bridge reconstruction

Location: The Templin Road bridge over Eagle Creek was inspected and an engineering firm has been hired by the Boone County Highway Dept. to work on design of a complete bridge replacement. The project is expected to begin mid-May. Templin Road will be closed during construction with a detour route posted.

Expected completion: The project is expected to be completed mid-September.


Project: Resurfacing of U.S. 421

Location: The Indiana Dept. of Transportation is resurfacing U.S. 421 north of Zionsville. The limits of the project span from just north of Greenfield Road to Ind. 32.

Expected completion: The project is expected to be completed by the end of July.