Page & Stage Theatre’s summer camp set


Page & Stage Co. has announced its 2022 Summer Camp, bringing new techniques, materials and productions to Hamilton County and the surrounding area.

Page & Stage Summer Camp is for ages 4 through 18. It is the first and only theater-for-literacy company in Indiana, according to Paul “Spike” Wilson, the theater’s artistic director and camp head.

The camp was set to start June 20 for basic and intermediate levels and began June 13 for advanced campers. All campers participate in public performances July 22 and 23. Enrollment will remain open until June 24. The camp will take place on the grounds of Holy Family Episcopal Church, 11445 Fishers Pointe Blvd., Fishers. While prices vary by level, several discounts and are scholarships available.

“Learning, memory, and emotion are integral parts of both theatre and reading,” Wilson stated. “Because theatre allows people to learn such a broad variety of things while foregrounding self-learning and emotional health. That is the core of our mission: to produce great actors who are great readers. You can attend with as much or as little experience as you like. All you need is a passion for acting and for learning. The techniques we’ve developed over the past 30 years prove this.”

The camp has three levels to accommodate any level of reading and acting experience: Basic Level (ages 4-10): Group is for non-readers as well as early readers and accelerated. The basics of acting are taught through poetry, short plays, and monologues. Intermediate Level (ages 10-15): Group is for more accelerated readers and targets “reading to learn” as opposed to “learning to read.” One-act plays, short stories, poetry, and comedy sketches help kids learn about dramatic progression and characterization. Advanced Level (high school or by invitation): This group is for advanced readers who are also interested in possibly working in the theatre. Parents and campers can call to inquire. These campers also have the option of trying out for Page & Stage’s professional touring company.

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