Indiana Parkinson Foundation grows exercise program


The Noblesville-based Indiana Parkinson Foundation’s exercise program is an important part of its mission, and it has resumed in-person classes with a program called The Climb, which is also available virtually.

“Once COVID hit (in March 2020), we had to pivot our exercise program to a virtual platform,” said IPF Program Director and Co-founder Addie Cunningham, a Noblesville resident. “So, when we closed off and on for the last couple of years, they could still continue to move and be active. Parkinsons is very debilitating and isolating. It’s part of why The Climb communities are so important. They come together, exercise and support one another.”

Cunningham said when that wasn’t possible amid the pandemic, the foundation created iClimb. But there was no budget for it initially.

“Our trainers would do a class from their home, and we would stream it,” Cunningham said. “We would take those classes and create a pre-recorded library for members to complete some of the classes.”

When the National Parkinson Foundation put out an opportunity for a community grant, Cunningham applied and received it.

“From there, iClimb has been able to take on a more professional look,” she said.

The foundation did a soft launch of iClimb in March.

“We have a videographer, Johnny McClung, who will come out and film our trainers, and the videos are professional,” Cunningham said. “We have an app now, and it can be streamed on a smart TV, a tablet or a phone.”

Cunningham said iClimb is only available with prerecorded classes at $24.99 a month or $275 a year with a free three-day trial.

“The goal is to help more people through our iClimb program,” Cunningham said.

The Climb classes are held in person now. There are nine Indiana locations, including LivRite Fitness, 13454 Parkside Dr., Fishers. There is another location at Westminster Village North, 11050 Presbyterian Dr., in the Lawrence area.

Cunningham said The Climb members receive iClimb as part of their membership.

“We’re continually adding new classes and types of exercise, so we can continue to meet the needs of our people,” Cunningham said. “Eventually, the goal is to provide live classes through iClimb, in addition to what we’re doing with the prerecorded classes.”

Some prerecorded classes include stretching, yoga, functional movement, speed and voice, dance therapy and ask the physical therapist.

“Ideally, we want people to come into a location to feel that in-person community, but if that is not possible, this a good second best,” Cunningham said. “The plan is, we’re going to expand into nursing homes and assisted living facilities with iClimb with the option of a livestream within their communities, so they can continue to gather together.”

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