Support team lends a hand to caregivers


James Hopper understands the heavy physical and emotional toll caring for an elderly family member can exact on a caregiver.

That’s why he co-founded the Senior Support Team at Heartland Church in Fishers, a ministry that provides assistance and resources to caregivers of elderly patients who may suffer from dementia or other debilitating illnesses.

“Much like when we become parents for the first time, caregivers are not given a manual,” said Hopper, a Fishers resident. “Unlike that situation, when we are given nine months to prepare, many times caregivers are thrown into the deep end of the pool without warning. Additionally, as spouses, many times they take ‘until death do us part’ very seriously and are afraid to, are unwilling to or are embarrassed to ask for help.”

Hopper, 48, strongly encourages anyone who needs help to ask for it, which is why he helped launch the faith-based support network.

Founded in June of 2021 by Hopper and Indiana Parkinson Foundation Director Kim Williams, the Senior Support Team offers help to anyone who asks for assistance. The team connects caregivers with a range of financial and insurance-related resources and offers the services of its Senior Support Group, which is led by Elaine Brents.

“We don’t turn anyone away, even if they don’t go to our church,” Hopper said. “Even though we are called the Senior Support Team, the whole concept is based on our amazing network that we have at our disposal.”

Hopper, a financial advisor with Money Concepts, sells long-term care insurance as part of his job. Through his work, he has built a vast network of colleagues in the senior care industry who support the ministry. Many attend Heartland Church.

“We are blessed to have many amazing people that have big roles in the senior industry here locally that attend our church,” Hopper said. “They are just the beginning of the amazing referral network we have at our disposal to help our members in need.”

To reach the Senior Support Team, email [email protected] or call 317-842-5500.