On the grow: Local women run largest-certified female-owned commercial real estate brokerage firm in the state


After a decade of working together, Kara Riggle and Yumi Goodman – who have nearly 20 years of experience in commercial real estate –felt the time was right to start their own business, 92c Partners, which launched in March 2020.

“We were at the prime age to start our own firm and go out on our own,” Riggle said.

Today, the company is the largest certified female-owned commercial real estate brokerage firm in Indianapolis. 92c Partners derives its name from the 92 counties in Indiana.

“We service the entire state of Indiana and have completed multiple transactions in each of the 92 counties,” Riggle said.   

The Indianapolis-based company is women-certified at the state and city level. Riggle said they are working on obtaining their federal certification.

Being certified puts us in front of companies that are seeking to diversify their minority participation,” said Riggle, who lives in the Geist area of Fishers.

Goodman said 92c Partners does more than negotiate lease terms. The company is a full-service commercial real estate firm.

“We provide brokerage services to all industries – office, industrial and retail – as well as construction management, project management, furniture procurement, move management, lease administration and lease audits,” said Goodman, who lives in Carmel.

“We take it A to Z,” Riggle said. “Once the lease is signed, we continue ​to work with you by providing ​ancillary services such as construction management and project management. It’s a one-stop shop.”

Goodman said offering all services under one roof prevents important items from getting lost in translation. Goodman said 92c Partners also assists clients with strategic planning.

“We save clients time and money by helping clients reimagine a floorplan and give them deliverables before the architect gets involved,” Goodman said.

Riggle said many clients don’t know what they need until they work with closely with 92c Partners.

“They may not have a good grasp of what they actually need,” Riggle said.

During the pandemic, Riggle and Goodman helped clients prepare to return to the office.

“The last thing anybody was thinking about was their office lease for the first few months,” Riggle said.

For example, one client needed help adding personal protective equipment to the office.

“We know how many people sit at the counters, so we ordered plexiglass to go between each one of those seats,” Riggle said. “We were putting stickers on the floor.”

The real estate firm also assists companies that are offering hybrid work schedules for their employees.

“Now, they might not need as much space, so we have been working with clients to help them understand how much space they actually do need,” Riggle said. “A lot of people need advice on how to handle that.”

The company’s five employees are all women, although Riggle and Goodman said they would hire a man if the right candidate came along.

For more, visit 92cpartners.com.

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Kara Riggle, right, and Yumi Goodman are the owners of 92c Partners, the largest certified women-owned commercial real estate brokerage firm in the state.

Growth plans

92c Partners co-owners Kara Riggle and Yumi Goodman began their business from home in March 2020 and expanded to an office space in Lakefront at Keystone office park in February 2021. By December 2021, they acquired an office space in the same complex that was double the size.

“It’s a chicken-or-the-egg situation,” Riggle said. “We are growing to meet the new needs we have or what has come about that we need to service.”

92c Partners also became a member of Commercial Real Estate Supplier Diversity Association, or CRESDA, at the end of last year. CRESDA, based on the East Coast, is a national alliance of certified minority, women and veteran-owned commercial real estate firms, according to its website.

“They reached out to us and asked us if we would be interested in joining CRESDA as a member,” Riggle said. “This is a huge opportunity for us as CRESDA selected us as their representatives to provide brokerage services throughout the state of Indiana.