Column: Look for happy moments


Commentary by Lorene Burkhart

It isn’t easy to find joy in our lives when we are feeling stressed by the news of the world and the violence around us. It helps to limit watching the news to one time a day, perhaps after you’ve had a moment that has brought you happiness.

I like to think of my happiness in three parts: The little happy moments like a sunny day, seeing spring flowers blooming or a picture of my new great-grandson. Medium happy moments are when my team wins, my answers are correct in the crossword puzzle or a dinner tastes delicious. The big happy moments are enjoying my beautiful home, hearing from my family and attending an inspiring concert.

Taking a walk surrounded by the wonders of an awakening springtime brings a feeling of pleasure that can’t be replaced by any movie, book or television show.

Research shows that positive emotions are directly linked to better health. Regularly doing activities that create a positive emotion is better for you than taking a nosedive into feeling sorry for yourself.

We probably all agree that doing something for someone else brings joy and a sense of fulfillment. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a bright smile or a friendly, “Hello, how are you?”

Feelings of gloom and doom should be replaced with feelings of hope and happiness for a healthier, happy long life.

Make a list of your happy moments. Take a walk and soak up the wonders of nature or call someone special and share some good news. You might be surprised about how different you feel when you adjust your happiness level.