At the table with Anna: Cardinal Spirits


Where to go: Cardinal Spirits

Address: 922 S. Morton St., Bloomington

What to get: Cardinal Quinoa Salad

Price: $12

Anna’s take: The next few columns in the At the Table with Anna series will feature restaurants in Bloomington. One that should top your list is actually a distillery, so it’s only available for diners who are 21 and older. The patio is open for all ages. Cardinal Spirits specializes in vodka, rum and gin, among other spirits. It also has a chef-inspired menu, featuring bright, colorful and delicious items such as Cardinal Quinoa Salad. I added salmon to mine for an extra $7, as well as a boiled egg for $1. The salad is made with local baby greens, sliced pears for a hint of sweetness, cucumbers, rainbow carrot strips for a splash of color, roasted baby beets, avocado and house-made Terra Botanical Gin Vinaigrette. Another crowd favorite is shrimp cocktail ($14). The shrimp are marinated in the Terra Botanical Gin and served with a side of Bloody Mary cocktail sauce. The OMG Fries ($11) were delicious and served with a variety of sauces. Puttanesca tacos ($12) are a great vegan option with artichokes and a vegan parmesan.

Suggested pairings: Cardinal Spirits has lots of delicious cocktails. Try the Give the Kisses of Fire ($9). It is a creamy and slightly spicy cocktail with Cardinal Spirits’ Rum, coconut cream, pineapple, chipotle, lime, cayenne, smoke and orange bitters.