Current Road Construction



Project: Range Line Road reconstruction

Location: 116th Street to Carmel Drive. The initial phase  affects the right southbound lane of Range Line Road as crews replace a water main. Work will stop for the winter and resume in mid-March 2022 with construction of a roundabout at Medical Drive followed by construction of a roundabout at 116th Street beginning in June.

Expected completion: Summer 2022


Project: Burial of transmission lines in the Arts & Design District

Location: Main Street will close on or after March 1 at Veterans Way as lines are buried under and across Main Street. Detour using 4th Avenue SW, W. Elm Street and S. Range Line Road.

Expected completion: Main Street is expected to reopen April 1, but work to bury transmission lines in the area will continue until May.


Project: New roundabout

Location: E. Main Street and Richland Avenue.

Start date: On or after May 26

Expected completion: Fall


Project: New roundabout

Location: E. Main Street and Lexington Boulevard.

Start date: On or after May 26

Expected completion: Fall


Project: Widening and improvements along Smoky Row Road

Location: Between the Monon Greenway and U.S. 31. The road will be fully closed during the project. The Monon Greenway will be closed on or after June 1 for 30 days for a bridge replacement.

Start date: Late May

Expected completion: Late summer


Project: Widening of the Monon Greenway

Location: Between City Center Drive and Carmel Drive

Start date: Jan. 17

Expected completion: November


Project: Installation of a slip lane

Location: Smoky Row Road and Keystone Parkway

Start date: On or after May 26

Expected completion: July


Project: New roundabout

Location: College Avenue and 106th Street.

Start date: On or after June 1

Expected completion: Aug. 1


Project: Reconstruction of College Avenue

Location: Between 96th and 106th streets

Start date: On or after July 1

Expected completion: April 2023


Project: Pathway along Gray Road

Location: Between 106th and 116th streets

Start date: TBD

Expected completion: 90 days after start date



Project: Roundabout construction on 146th street.

Location: The intersection of Ind. 37 and 146th Street. Best detour is bypassing 146th street by taking 141st street.

Expected completion: May 2022.


Project: Roundabout construction on 131st street.

Location: The intersection of Ind. 37 and 131st Street. Best detour is to avoid 131st street by taking 126th street.

Expected completion: July 2022.



Project: Sewer rehabilitation project

Location: A section of Oak Road between 151st Street and 161st Street is closed. The closure began March 8.

Expected completion: Timeline details will be posted on the city’s social media pages this week.


Project: Tree clearing work

Location: Anthony Road between Ind. 38 and 216th Street is experiencing daytime road closures at the small structure while tree clearing work is completed for an upcoming project.

Estimated completion: End of day March 14


Project: Wheeler Road and Tournament Trail traffic signal

Location: Intersection at Wheeler Road and Tournament Trail

Expected completion: Construction is only in the preparation phase at this time. There are no anticipated closures.


Project: Chad Hittle Drive roundabout

Location: A section of 191st Street from Tomlinson Road to U.S. 31 will be converted into a boulevard with a roundabout at Chad Hittle Drive.

Estimated completion: Drivers will continue to see construction signs and activity off the road, but no associated closures at this time.



Project: Templin Road Bridge reconstruction

Location: The shoulder of this bridge is closed. The Templin Road bridge over Eagle Creek was inspected and an engineering firm has been hired by the Boone County Highway Department to work on design of a complete bridge replacement.

Estimated completion: Construction will start in 2022.


Project: C.R. 300 S. corridor project

Location: The town has partnered with the Boone County Highway Dept. to conduct a corridor study along C.R. 300 S. from C.R. 800 E. to the Boone/Hamilton County line. The purpose of this study is to identify a preliminary scope and a potential design of future road widening and intersection improvements considering feasibility, costs, impacts to properties, environmental concerns and bridge needs.

Estimated completion: While there is one known bridge replacement project planned within the next four years, there are no identified intersection or road projects at this time. The information learned from this study will initially guide bridge design as these structures are maintained and replaced as needed.