Luxury Affordable Boutique offers hard-to-find items at Clay Terrace pop-up shop


By Chris Bavender

A new pop-up shop at Clay Terrace offers luxury items at affordable prices through the end of the month. Luxury Affordable Boutique (LAB), which offers items not typically found in Indiana, is open next to Soma on Clay Terrace Boulevard.


Kimberly Outlaw launched the shop in March 2019.

“I was just doing pop-ups at the time. I didn’t even have a website and would use Instagram and Facebook,” Outlaw said. “I knew I wanted to do a pop-up in a mall and Clay Terrace had space for us.”

LAB offers items ranging from designer clothing to purses and shoes.

“My husband is from (Los Angeles), and I tell everyone he took me on a ‘Pretty Woman’ shopping spree. I had a vision to try to provide something here in Indiana we don’t necessarily have access to,” Outlaw said. “I am a shoe fanatic, and I try to bring in specialty shoes that can’t be purchased here any longer and offer them at affordable prices.”

Although most items at LAB can also be found online, Outlaw said there are a few pieces offered only in the shop.

One unique piece is a coat in the window that Outlaw said has drawn many shoppers inside.

“I have had people stopping and taking pictures and video of the coat, and I had a nice lady come in to take a photo of the Christmas tree I have that is in the shape of a woman’s body and has a fur stole on it,” Outlaw said. “I’ve met some really nice people doing this, and many are asking how long I will be here.”

Although the LAB pop-up closes at the end of this month, Outlaw said a permanent shop is something she’s considering.

“I was telling my husband the other day that if the price was right, I would keep a brick and mortar (store),” Outlaw said. “I like online, but to be able to see something and touch and feel it in person and not having to order it online and send it back if it doesn’t work out is appealing.”

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