Four Noblesville soccer players receive mental attitude award


By Chris Bavender

Four Noblesville United Soccer Club players have received the Steven Sizemore Mental Attitude Award. The award honors a former longtime club player who died at a young age. Sizemore was known for his exceptional attitude, dedication to the sport and his team and his work ethic.

“While he passed far too young at the age of 20, his passion and sportsmanship (are) something for young athletes to aspire to,” said Abigail Donofrio, NUSC board member. “Because of this and of his long-lasting impact to those he played besides, NUSC, in combination with his family, created the Steven Sizemore Award.”

Each season, coaches are asked to nominate a player who exemplifies each of Sizemore’s traits.

“It’s prestigious as it is symbolic of all things positive in a person, and to be a recipient means that you have made a difference to the team, the club and the community,” Donfrio said.

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This year’s recipients are Owen Davis, Sonia Perez, Kolden Schlotter and Taylor Thompson.

“The Steven Sizemore Award, to me, is an award from the family whose son is a symbol to others of great sportsmanship: An outgoing player and teammate, hardworking, with a positive attitude, and enjoys what they do,” said Thompson, a junior at Noblesville High School said. “I’m extremely grateful to have received this award and send my appreciation to the Sizemore family.”

Perez also was honored to receive the award.

“I try to behave on the soccer field the same way that I do in real life and try to lead by example,” said Perez, an eighth-grader at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School. “I try to be the best player and teammate that I can be. I’ve been very lucky to have great coaches since I started playing soccer and am also very thankful for all of the friends that I have made.”

Davis said soccer is the “best game out there.” Davis also won the award in 2019.

“Soccer gives the opportunity, no matter what position you play, for each player to shine,” said Davis, a senior at Noblesville High School. “No matter how many games I play, no matter the weather, I always end up thinking, ‘That game was not long enough, how can it be time is up already?’”

Donofrio said honorees excel on the field but off and balance the sport and other activities.

“Learning to create balance is something that everyone will have to do for their entire lives, and it’s not something that always comes easy, so we really want to shine a light on those club members that have found a way to do so for inspiration,” she said.

“Balancing time between soccer, school and friends is difficult for any teenager,” said Schlotter, a senior at Noblesville High School. “I make sure to prioritize school and include friends in my activities so that I can help find a balance in life.”

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