Letter: Test scores don’t reflect school quality



Lost amid the litany of falsehoods that “Unify” Carmel marshalled in their Nov. 2 ad to peddle the illusion of struggling schools is a far more basic lie: that test scores reflect school quality.

This is false. Test scores are widely known to reflect a community’s affluence more than anything else. Further, we actively damage our students and our society by relying on test scores for assessment and funding. Teachers, parents and students will all attest to the destructiveness of the “teach-to-the-test” paradigm. It increases student anxiety, decreases love of learning and trains kids to be box-tickers, not creative thinkers. As a college professor, I too often see students struggling as a consequence.

We need different data to assess CCS quality. Things like student well-being, career satisfaction, community involvement and co-curricular success. Things that reflect the true value of a CCS education.

Education is important because it shapes who we are. We want CCS to cultivate good, kind people who can find their best place in the world, whatever that happens to look like.

Diane Hannah, Carmel