Noblesville mayor introduces $92.5M budget for 2022

Mayor Jensen2

Mayor Chris Jensen introduced the 2022 budget at the Sept. 14 Noblesville Common Council meeting. The $92.5 million budget was a 12.1 percent increase over the city’s base budget, although city officials said the majority of the increase was for one-time purchases and not ongoing spending. 

Prior to the budget presentation, Jensen said one of his biggest challenges in the past 20 months since becoming mayor during the past 20 months was keeping the 2021 budget neutral. However, he said going into 2022 was  a “different time.” 

“We continue to weather that storm of COVID-19, but from a fiscal standpoint we feel very confident in the position we are in as a city going forward,” Jensen said. “This has been one of the smoothest budget seasons we have gone through.”

Jensen said 2022 begins a multi-year process of investing some of the city’s reserve money into long-term assets to grow the city’s assessed value and economic footprint. The tax rate of $1.10 will be unchanged. 

Jensen said the city will invest $50,000 from a façade grant program designed for the city’s historic districts. It also is investing $280,000 in the Old Town area sidewalks. 

Of the $92.5 million budget, nearly half is for public safety. The 2022 budget proposes the hiring of three firefighters and three police officer. Also, $6 million will be for capital projects such as roundabouts. 

“I think it’s a budget that aims to spend taxpayer dollars wisely, and I think it’s one we all can find projects within it that we are all very passionate about,” Jensen said. 

No one spoke during the public hearing. Since it was just an introduction, the council didn’t vote on the proposed budget. For more, visit 

Other proposed 2022 budget items  

  • $222,000 for dedicated trail maintenance and preservation program.
  • Funding for a Police Annex building to provide dedicated space for the NobleAct program and other police personnel.
  • $6 million for prioritized capital projects including the local contributions for State Road 32 and 38 roundabouts, South 10th Street Trail, Levee Trail Phase II and infrastructure improvements near 141st Street and Interstate 69.
  • Funding for replacement of TASERs for police officers.
  • Funding for Wellbeing Coalition initiatives based on findings and recommendations from the citywide Wellbeing Survey.
  • Funding to complete the Riverside Cemetery Monument Restoration Project.