Link Office Suites aims to aid small businesses


As a fourth-generation entrepreneur, David Klain figures he was born with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“For the past four generations on my father’s side and my mother’s side, everyone has been a small business owner,” he said.

Klain, a Carmel resident and 1990 Carmel High School graduate, opened his second Link Office Suites on Commerce Drive in Carmel in January. He opened his first one in the Village of WestClay, 1905 S. New Market St., in Carmel three years ago.

CIC DOUGH 0727 Link Office Suites Klain

“The premise is establishing small business entrepreneurial workspaces,” said Klain, who owns DB Klain Construction. “We find that a lot of people are wanting to start out in their businesses or get a more professional appearance for their business instead of what they currently have, so it allows us to provide them a high-end business appearance for their company within a smaller office space that they might see in a traditional leasing environment where you are taking 1,200 square feet and having your own amenities and your own conference room.”

The rentals in the WestClay location offer one-, two- or three-year leasing arrangements. There are some small rental frontage suites in a range of 300 to 500 square feet.

At the 10255 Commerce Dr. site, Klain said there are no lease terms other than 60 days’ notice when people move out.

“It’s for those who come in without a long-term commitment to try to get going and start their business,” Klain said. “It’s really focused on the entrepreneurial environment to try to help walk them through the process of getting them started in their office space. We provide a lot of resources for them that they might not get on their own. We have access to better pricing rates for office supplies through a local office supply vendor, internet packages if they need their own private network and we can pair up with an office furniture company.”

Klain said it is a unique work environment that people enjoy.

“The bigger space has a common area, kind of a cafe, where people can eat and work,” Klain said. “There is complementary coffee all day long. There are three conference rooms and a couple phone booth rooms for private calls. There are two different outdoor patio spaces in the building. It allows a lot of flexibility with different amenities.”

The office space ranges from 100 to 450 square feet or slightly larger. There are salon suites in the building.

“The original one we started in the Village of WestClay was to help spark excitement and for people to display their businesses and services in the Village of WestClay in spaces that weren’t outrageously expensive or large,” Klain said. “Some of them have gone on to bigger spaces or they’ve stayed in the smaller manageable space. The whole focus has been around small businesses and helping them get off the ground.”

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