Fishers police warn of kidnapping phone scam


Fishers police are warning residents of a phone scam that enacts a kidnapping. The scam has been reported locally and nationwide.

Police say that the suspect or suspects are mirroring — projecting a different phone number in place of their own — cellphone numbers to contact their victims. When a victim answers the phone, the caller acts out a kidnapping of a victim’s loved one with screaming, yelling, sounds of crying and a threatening tone.

The callers demand immediate ransom via Zelle Payment or Paypal but will provide no proof of life of the person allegedly kidnapped, nor will the victim be allowed to speak to their alleged loved one, nor will the suspects agree to meet with the victim. The callers also threaten that they will kill the victim’s loved one if the victim hangs up or reaches out to police.

According to police, anyone who receives a scam call like this should immediately hang up and call 911.

When 911 has been called, police will perform a welfare check to ensure the person who was allegedly kidnapped is safe. Police say that victims of the scam should never pay a ransom and should immediately report suspicious activity.

Police believe the suspects are using social media to identify and research their victims. Police recommend that residents adjust their social media settings to the highest security level so accounts can only be viewed by verified friends.