Fishers resident finds passion renting out hot tubs


Fishers resident Julius Taylor, a software engineer by trade, has created a unique side occupation that he wants to grow. Since March 1, Taylor has been renting out hot tubs through his new company, Indy Hot Tub Rentals.

“It was last winter around November or December, and I heard about a gentleman on the East Coast doing something similar — renting hot tubs,” Taylor said. “He’d been doing it for two years. When I heard it, I thought it was an awesome idea and thought it would work in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.”

Although skeptical about the idea at first, Taylor’s wife, Melissa, eventually warmed up to it. The business is very hands-on for the Taylors. Julius has no employees, but Melissa helps out. When a customer rents a hot tub, it’s either Julius or Melissa that they speak to. When the hot tub is delivered and set up, Julius does the work.

“I drive it over, I roll it out into the location, I set up the motor, I get the water started, I go over with them how to control the unit and any maintenance steps that are necessary,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s company has seen a steady increase in bookings and a growing inventory. He rents two types of hot tubs: The Resort 300 and the Portico, both made by Softtub. Both models accommodate about six people and are made out of a high-density foam material that weighs only 90 pounds when empty.

“People buy these tubs and they last for decades. They are super repairable, and I can repair just about everything on the tub,” Taylor said.

Renting a hot tub for a week costs $249. The monthly rate is $499. An optional cedar deck that surrounds the tub and steps is available for $49 a week or $199 a month. For more, visit