Choi announces bid for the Indiana State Senate.


Dr. Alexander Choi, a Zionsville resident, has announced his candidacy to represent District 29 in the Indiana Senate. The seat is occupied by Democrat J.D. Ford.

CIZ 0601 COM Choi pic
Dr. Alexander Choi

Choi, a Republican, has served on the Zionsville Town Council since January 2020 and is a practicing anesthesiologist at IU Health Methodist Hospital. He also is the president of Anesthesia Consultants of Indianapolis, a private practice.

Ford, the first member of the LGBTQ+ community ever elected to the Indiana General Assembly, has represented Zionsville as the state senator of District 29 since defeating Republican Mike Delph in 2018. Ford will be up for reelection in 2022.

Indiana Senate District 29 encompasses Boone County’s Eagle Township, Hamilton County’s Clay Township and Marion County. Marion County communities include Pike and Wayne Township.

“This campaign will focus on how to serve people and ensure that families, local businesses, communities and schools continue to prosper and succeed in Indiana,” Choi stated. “I am fully aware that you cannot make a difference until you earn the trust of the voters and that will be my number one focus as we begin this campaign.”

Choi stated he wants to apply the knowledge and conservative principles he has learned while growing a business to “the work that must be done to improve state and local government.”

“Life, liberty, opportunity – these are not just American values; these ideas are what make the American Dream possible,” Choi stated. “As a first generation American I know first hand how remarkable our nation is for those who embrace its promise. I will always protect and promote our founding principles, so the next generation can continue to thrive.”

Choi has launched a website for his campaign at