Carmel’s MavenSphere partners with Purdue to create app that aims to slow spread of COVID


CIC DOUGH 0119 MavenSphere 2A Carmel company has partnered with Purdue University to launch an app aimed at promoting good habits to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

MavenSphere and Purdue’s Innovation Partners Institute created KeepOthersSafe, an app that allows organizations to screen employees and guests before allowing them to enter the building. 

“If you want your employees coming into the building and want to protect other people inside the building already, you want to make sure they check their symptoms daily,” said Bharath Bynagari, MavenSphere founder and CEO. “We ask the same guidelines the CDC symptom checker has. At the end it gives them either green or red. If it is green, you can go into the building. You are not compromising other people’s health. If it is red, you may need to stay away.” 

The interactive screener questions are fully customizable, so organizations can tailor the app to meet their specific guidelines. Bynagari said he hopes frequent use of the app will promote health by making safety measures a habit. 

He anticipates KeepOthersSafe will be a valuable tool in promoting and reinforcing safety guidelines beyond the pandemic. 

“It helps in changing the behaviors,” he said. “That is our goal.” 

Bynagari, a Carmel resident since 2000, said he’s had the entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child living in India. He moved to the U.S. in 1994 to study for a masters degree, which he earned in 1996 from the University of Texas at Tyler. 

He was inspired to launch MavenSphere after the birth of his twins. His son’s lungs were not fully developed at birth, and the infant’s time in the neonatal intensive care unit sparked an idea for Bynagari. He created a communication system called Diagnotes — which has since become its own company — to improve communication between healthcare providers and patients. MavenSphere also developed DigiBio, a platform that optimizes data collection from patients in clinical trials.

Bynagari’s twins went on to graduate from Carmel High School in 2020. His son is attending DePauw University and his daughter is at Indiana University. 

The KeepOthersSafe app is available for iPhone and Android devices and through the web. Learn more at and