Rail to close Nov. 1

ND THE RAIL 0526 pic
Toby and Melanie Miles opened Rail on Park Street in Westfield in April 2014. (File photo)

Rail announced on Facebook that Nov. 1, it would be closing its doors.

The restaurant recently switched from lunch and dinner to breakfast, brunch and lunch hours, and stated in the post that the closure was due to COVID-19. It served locally sourced Hoosier cuisine.

“We have loved serving our Westfield community and Hamilton County for more than six years! We could not have lasted this long if it wasn’t for all of your support, especially this year, and we cannot thank you enough for being there for us and for Rail,” the statement read. “COVID-19 has hit us hard and continues to take its toll, as it has on the majority of small businesses. Winters are always tough for us on Park Street and generally for many restaurants; therefore, we rely on strong warm weather months to get us through. Unfortunately, that was not possible this year due to the shut-down, limited capacity and social distancing.”

Rail is owned by husband-and-wife team, Melanie and Toby Miles. It opened in April 2014. The Mileses also own Cone + Crumb, the ice cream and dessert shop next to Rail. Cone + Crumb will not close.

“We’ve had some of the best team members in the industry to whom who we cannot thank enough for helping to make Rail what it is. We are so grateful that our landlords, Bob and Michelle Beauchamp, took a chance on us when we asked to put a restaurant in a 100-plus-year-old barn in a completely residential area at the time,” the statement read.

The statement also thanked Rail’s loyal guests.

“We have put our heart and soul into Rail and we are so happy to have shared it with you all,” the statement read.