Restoracy Whitestown opens despite pandemic


Whitestown has a new long-term care facility, which is near the Zionsville border.

Bryan Lindsay, executive director and co-founder of The Restoracy of Whitestown, said the facility, which opened May 27, provides three service lines for senior care: rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care and memory/Alzheimer’s care.

Lindsay said Whitestown did not have a nursing home before The Restoracy of Whitestown opened, and Zionsville had a limited number of assisted living facilities.

“Our goal is to serve all of Boone County and surrounding areas,” Lindsay said. “But that’s secondary to the fact that really we want to provide an option for people that need skilled care that are looking for more of a home environment and less of an institutional environment.”

The homes at The Restoracy were designed before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated many long-term health care facilities. Lindsey said the homes were modeled to have higher staffing ratios than other facilities, with four staff members assigned to every 12 residents.

Residents have their own room and access to a communal common area and kitchen at one of the Restoracy’s six buildings at 6712 Restoracy Dr. Each building can house up to 12 residents.

The Restoracy has implemented all necessary COVID-19 mitigation measures in its buildings and closely follows guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Boone County Health Dept., Lindsay said. All staff in each building are tested and screened each day when they arrive and when they leave. In addition, the staff members in each home are consistent and don’t rotate as is common in other facilities.

“It’s been an adventure,” said Linsday, noting the challenges of opening on time during a pandemic.

Lindsay said the Restoracy’s buildings and design were a “solution just looking for a problem.”

“The bricks and mortar become a barrier between the spread of the disease,” Lindsay said. “Every resident that comes to the Restoracy comes to a triage or quarantine home where they will come to be tested, and after the test, it will determine if they go to a COVID-free home.”

If residents test positive, they will go to a building that has been designated to cohort COVID-19 residents together, away from others.