New device uses ozone to sanitize hands


By Emma Uber

Carmel-based technology startup 3Oe Scientific is developing an innovative method to sanitize hands.

CIC DOUGH 0804 3Oe

The company aims to revolutionize hand sanitization in a way that is more natural and more effective at killing pathogens. Instead of using a typical container for soap and sanitizing foams, 3Oe’s device has a self-contained chamber that will shower the user’s hands with sanitizing solution.

“It’s like putting your hands in a shower for a few seconds to get them sanitized. You put your hands inside of the device and you’ll be able to see them because it has a clear covering. It turns on and sanitizes your hand for about 7 seconds,” 3Oe Scientific CEO and founder Tom Foust said.

Foust and his team found that aqueous ozone, which the device uses, kills pathogens in seconds while providing a gentler and more natural alternative to chemicals found in other hand sanitizers.

“There are many ways of trying to sanitize the hand,” Foust said. “Foams and gels and alcohol-based products use chemicals, while ozone is all natural. (Ozone) is softer on the hands than the gels and the foams, and we don’t build up a biofilm, either.”

Foust began developing the technology nearly 10 years ago while working at Delta Faucet Co. 3Oe Scientific formed last year as Foust and his team focused on ozone sanitization. Foust and his team felt that Carmel provided the best business climate for their venture.

The hand-sanitizing device will be the first product released by 3Oe Scientific. Foust expects to produce many more products in the future.

“Our mission is focusing on enhancing life,” Foust said. “We want to bring good to the human experience and we’re doing it through innovative solutions, so this is our first product. We hope to come out with others.”