ICC camp ‘reaches’ virtually


By Rick Morkwick

If nothing else, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s virtual music camp will not be confining or dull. By design, it will be lively and engaging.

That’s why it’s called Reach!, the object of which is to get kids outside and “reach” the community with random acts of kindness inspired by music.

ND ICC 1210 Josh Pedde head shot

“Our goal of this summer camp is to not only learn some music and some musical activities, but to get them out of their homes and do something nice in their community for other people,” said Joshua Pedde, the ICC’s artistic director. “We’re looking at how even the little things can make someone’s day.”

Reach! is a month-long camp for kids entering grades first through eighth. Open to all kids anywhere in the U.S., it runs July 1 to 31, culminating in a virtual choir performance on the final day.

Traditionally an in-person camp, this year’s Reach! is offered virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Divided into four modules that kids complete at their own pace, the sessions include music instruction, music theory and singing and connecting songs to outside activities to engage their communities, such as writing a special message with sidewalk chalk on a neighbor’s driveway to brighten their day.

“Every song that we have has something to do with positive reinforcement of whatever activity we’re doing that day,” said Pedde, a Carmel resident. “It’s really a routine beyond the house and doing something nice to get them outside and out in their community.”

For the singing component of the July 31 virtual choir performance, kids will listen to pre-recorded music through earbuds and record — and then submit — their own vocals without the accompanying music. The recordings will then be assembled for the performance that will be livestreamed on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Cost for the link is $5. Cost for camp registration is $85.

For more or to register, visit icchoir.org.