CCPL launches Teen Quaranzine Project


Carmel Clay Public Library wants teenagers to express their feelings through art during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Teen Quaranzine Project is designed to be a collection of art and writing created by Carmel teenagers to relay their experiences during the pandemic. Zines are self-published works of art, poetry and other media that are created by hand or digitally.


“The idea of the quaranzine is something online communities, libraries and other creative groups have been exploring since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,” CCPL Young Adult Librarian Michael Cherry said. “We wanted to tailor our zine to the experiences and voices of teenagers. Young people today are living through events that are not only affecting their immediate community but are also affecting global communities.

“It’s important to provide a platform that enables young adults to share their experiences and feelings regarding these issues.”

Cherry said submission guidelines were created by the library and include various creativity prompts. The guidelines are accessible at

“If students are having difficulty brainstorming an idea, the prompts suggest activities such as painting a portrait of someone you miss right now, or writing a short story expressing what the new normal means,” Cherry said. “There are nearly 20 creativity prompts, but students are welcome to venture off on their own.”

Cherry said the response has been positive so far.

“We received several submissions during the first week including collage, poetry and drawing,” he said. “We expect to see more throughout June and July.”

Submissions will be accepted through July 31.

The Teen Quaranzine Project is open to teens in grades sixth through 12th. Students who participate also are eligible for community service hours through the library’s Teen Volunteer Corps, which is a group of sixth- through12th-graders who volunteer at the library in a variety of activities, such as helping with teen library programs, assisting library departments or participating in community projects like the Teen Quaranzine Project.

Students can apply to be a Teen Volunteer Corps member online through the library’s website.