Letter: Militarizing police dishonors oath



Two days ago I talked with badged, helpful and courteous Carmel police officers as our citizens — many of them high school students — exercised their First Amendment rights in a local protest. On the same day, I watched anonymous, gray-armoured and jack-booted young warriors “guarding” the Lincoln Memorial against protesters who were exercising their First Amendment rights. I watched military attacks on peaceful protesters before the White House.

It occurred to me that “serve and protect” remains the highest duty of law enforcement. And “Duty, Honor, Country” remains the credo of our military. Both branches exist to serve the American people and uphold the Constitution. It dishonors the oath to militarize the police, as I saw in Washington. By contrast, in Carmel, I saw the oath enacted in a positive way. I hope that this ensured those young protesters of their basic rights and that their voices were heard.

Beverly Thornburg, Carmel