Carmel to sue Minneapolis for security costs


Update: Carmel puts lawsuit against Minneapolis PD on hold

The City of Carmel in a statement late Monday afternoon announced it has retained outside counsel to sue the City of Minneapolis for expenses incurred for additional security in the wake of the death of George Floyd, caused when Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin last month knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes following an arrest.

Mayor Jim Brainard stated that he hopes other municipalities will join Carmel, whose suit has yet to be filed, in pursuit of reimbursement.

The resulting nationwide mayhem – which included three deaths of three as well as property destruction and looting in neighboring Indianapolis – in protest of Floyd’s death, as well as information obtained by Carmel officials, spurred the beefing up of protection for Carmel, its businesses and residents.

The statement came as hundreds of protestors were massing at Main Street and Range Line Road for a peaceful Black Lives Matter march Monday evening through the heart of Carmel.

Brainard stated he continues to be “outraged by the actions” of the officer and three others in uniform, each of whom appears on video to have done nothing to help Floyd or to dissuade Chauvin from continuing to kneel on Floyd’s neck during the incident. A coroner’s report stated Floyd died by asphyxiation.

“In addition to firing the officers involved and charging Chauvin with third-degree murder and manslaughter, the officers who stood by and took no action to save George Floyd should be charged with reckless homicide and the delay to do so is unacceptable,” Brainard stated.

Of the move to sue Minneapolis, Brainard stated, “Those in power need to understand the far-reaching consequences of their actions.”

This story will be updated by Current in Carmel.