Letter: Pandemic has silver linings 



The COVID-19 pandemic that has shuttered much of the state is a dark cloud hanging over 2020, but it has some silver linings. One positive aspect of our plague is that traffic is light.

More families are enjoying simple outdoor activities like walking and cycling. As a cyclist, I see lots of families waiting their turns to cross roundabouts on foot or on their bikes. I see adult cyclists taking mid-day opportunities to break from work and enjoy workout rides. I see many more fellow cyclists on the quiet roads outside urban areas this year than I have in years past.

Reduced traffic and all of this walking, running and cycling is great! People are staying healthy!

While I’m a cyclist, I also like fast cars. Because I enjoy driving, I’m often tempted to press my gas pedal just a little harder than I should through roundabouts. Roundabouts are fun.

But I must bear in mind: kids don’t have sports activities, moms and dads are stir crazy and indoor gyms are closed.

We are going to see many people walking and riding bikes this summer. These families may be waiting on the far ends of the roundabouts we approach. Join me: slow down and drive alertly.  Remember to stay off your phones, too.

Greg Swallow, Carmel