Letter: Vote for Steve Nation



I could not think of a better friend or ally on the Hamilton County Council than my friend, Steve Nation.

Steve has been a tremendous advocate for public safety not only in Hamilton County, but across the state, and we would be well-served with him on the Hamilton County Council. His service includes being Hamilton County’s prosecuting attorney, county judge, and founding the Hamilton County Youth Assistance programs. He is a remarkable and tenacious public servant, and I am proud to support him in his campaign for county council.

Public safety is an ever-evolving issue that requires constant vigilance and training to keep our communities safe. As the former Sheriff of Hamilton County, I am intimately aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful in this arena. Thankfully, Steve Nation is someone I trust to give the hard work and dedication needed, and I am confident in his ability to improve Hamilton County’s approach to first responders and public safety initiatives even more.

As Election Day approaches, I encourage you to vote for Steve Nation for county council. You can vote early from May 26 through 30.

Doug and Carol Carter

Former Hamilton County Sheriff