Letter: Vote for Dillinger



Throughout the last four years, Hamilton County has continued to see unprecedented growth and progress. From our infrastructure to our public safety operations, our County government continues to provide the highest level of service while maintaining low taxes and fees for our residents.

One of the biggest reasons for our success is the experience and knowledge provided by our fellow commissioner, Steve Dillinger. As the longest serving county commissioner in Indiana, and 2019 AIC Commissioner of the Year, Steve has been a guiding force for Hamilton County. Steve’s leadership and dedication to the residents in our County has been invaluable.

It’s important to have leaders who have the skills and expertise to make the right decisions, for the right reasons. As a team of three commissioners who share the executive and legislative responsibilities for Hamilton County, we all have different strengths, accomplishments and innovative ideas for new solutions. In these tough and uncertain times, Steve has provided guidance and cooperation to lead our County in the right direction.

Together with our hundreds of dedicated civil servants, your Hamilton County Commissioners can make a meaningful difference. A vote to re-elect Steve Dillinger is a vote for experienced leadership.

Mark Heirbrandt and Christine Altman

Hamilton County Commissioners