Column: Contacts: Safe and sterile


Commentary by Jeremy Ciano

If there was ever a time to consider switching to daily disposable contact lenses, it’s now. With COVID-19 dominating every conversation and news cycle, we all understand the importance of washing our hands and surfaces. Repeated cleaning is good, but sterile is better.

Think about it. Given the option, would you prefer to put in a contact lens that you have “washed” or one that was directly removed from the sterile packaging? I am not here to bash your personal hygiene techniques or the contact lens cleaning solution of your choice. Regardless of your efforts or product choice, however, it can’t compete with sterile.

Daily disposable contacts are fresh, clean, thin, light, comfortable and sterile. I can’t recommend that modality enough. My wife and kids are all in daily disposables. It is by far our first recommendation for all adults, and it is the only recommendation we have for children at Little Eyes. We always joke that it passes the “mom test” with flying colors!

The only reason why more people haven’t experienced daily disposables is the perceived higher cost. And although they do have a higher up-front cost, the total yearly cost of daily versus monthly contacts aren’t that far apart. When you factor in $200 rebates and the fact that you no longer have to purchase cases and solutions each month, I can make a very strong argument that single-use daily disposable contacts won’t cost you more during the course of a year. And with all of the packaging being recyclable, it’s a win-win for the environment, too.

So, give your eye doctor a call and ask for a free sample of daily disposable contact lenses. Once you try it, you will be immediately impressed with the comfort and clarity. But most of all, you will feel safe because of the sterility!