Local author’s political thriller to be released June 1


Gen LaGreca likes to dabble in different genres with her writing.

Her first novel, “Noble Vision,” is a medical thriller. Her second, “A Dream of Daring,” is an antebellum historical murder mystery. And her third novel, “Fugitive from Asteron,” is science fiction.

Those three have won 12 book awards, she said.

CIC COM 0526 LaGreca
Gen LaGreca will release her newest book, “Just the Truth,” on June 1. (Submitted photo)

LaGreca’s fourth novel, “Just The Truth,” will be released June 1. The political thriller is about a woman with unwavering integrity fighting against the overpowering institutional and economic pressures compromising journalism as she uncovers suspicious circumstances that might manipulate an upcoming election.

LaGreca, who moved to Indiana with her late husband, John Frederick, five years ago, lives just north of 146th Street in Westfield. Frederick died in January 2019

“When my husband retired as a professor from the University of Chicago, we decided to upsize instead of downsize,” she said. “We love the Midwest. We picked Carmel of all the places we looked at. We built our dream house here. I love the area. It’s so special. It’s very good for people in the arts and there is a thriving theater here and great restaurants.”

LaGreca started writing approximately 20 years ago. She published her first novel in 2005 under her own company, Winged Victory Press.

“It took me time to find my passion in life,” LaGreca said. “I was a pharmaceutic chemist. I went over to business consulting. I was writing business scripts for clients who wanted employee training. I had clients in the food industry. The video scripts I was writing kept getting more plot-oriented. I had clients say to me, ‘I can’t have romance in this video of restaurant sanitation,’ so that was a turning point. I realized I loved writing, and plots interested me. Characters interested me. That was a big leap. I tried my hand at it and I never looked back.”

LaGreca said her dream is to see her work dramatized. She has written play adaptations for “Noble Vision” and “Just The Truth” and wants to bring the plays to the stage.

“I think this area here would be perfect for it,” she said. “(Residents are) intelligent and would be responsive to issues like that.”

The books are available on Amazon. For more, visit wingedvictorypress.com.