Letter: Vote for Micah Beckwith



We have known Micah Beckwith for well more than a decade and are very proud to endorse and fully support Micah’s run for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District seat.

Why do we support and endorse Micah? There are many reasons:

• Micah is a devoted Christian who lives out his faith authentically.
• Micah is a loving husband, father and son.
• Micah is a true conservative who loves our country and our God given rights, freedom and liberty.
• Micah will defend the rights of the unborn.
• Micah will defend the freedom our U.S. Constitution gives every U.S. citizen, including the right to bear arms, religious freedoms and the freedom of speech.
• Micah is fiscally conservative and will fight to balance our budget.
• Micah is for a small and limited government.
• Micah will always put America first and protect U.S. interests.
• Micah is a true political outsider, and that is a good thing. His campaign is a grassroots effort and not impacted by major donors, interests or large loans, and that is very important to us.

We believe that Micah is the right candidate for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. Please join us in voting for Micah Beckwith. Thank you.

Kevin and Tammy Kalstad, Noblesville