Letter: Vote for Kim Good



I would like to endorse Kim Good for Hamilton County treasurer.

I’ve known and worked professionally with Kim for years. I’ve found Kim to be experienced, hardworking, organized, prepared and honest.

I’m also a local resident and property taxpayer. Kim has served us taxpayers well, both in her two previous terms as a treasurer and in several senior leadership roles in the Indiana County Treasurer’s Association.

These are crazy times. We’re becoming aware of the risks of amateur government. It’s nice to see competence at the state and local level. Kim has provided that and will do so again. Kim’s vision, skill and work ethic have been vital in helping the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office seamlessly transition to its current system. As the county continues to grow and diversify, further enhancements and changes will likely prove necessary to keep up. You can trust Kim to do that.

It’s often hard for us to know who to vote for in local elections. In this case it’s simple. Resident services and county operations rely on the treasurer’s complex duties to be quick, accurate and efficient. Kim is uniquely well-qualified. Your vote for Kim Good is more than a smart vote. It’s a “good” vote.

Greg Farrell, Fishers