Letter: Elect Maki for county council



We have an opportunity to add a new voice to our county council, one that has been genuinely involved in our community and has a deep understanding of the county and its issues. That person is Sue Maki. 

I first met Sue when we were going through the Hamilton County Leadership Academy. For 23 years I served as executive director of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce and observed firsthand her work ethic and commitment to our community at all levels. Sue was active with the Westfield Chamber as well as other chambers in the county. 

I am thrilled to see that Sue plans on bringing her experience and talents to county council. Sue has both for-profit and nonprofit management success. Through the years, I witnessed her dedication to the community through her volunteer efforts and professional pursuits. Sue will bring a history of accomplishments and servant leadership to county council. 

Julie Sole, Westfield