Letter: Elect Ditslear



I have had the pleasure of knowing John Ditslear for a long time. I first met John before he was mayor because our kids went to school together. He was one of the first people I met after coming back to my hometown, and I immediately looked up to him. It was apparent from the start that John was a leader, was a wonderful servant to those around him and had a lot to offer the community.

After serving as mayor, I believe John Ditslear still has a lot to offer our community. His depth of knowledge and ability to work with people of all backgrounds is crucial to the county council and is an important element of a well-functioning community. 

I would encourage everyone to vote for John Ditslear for Hamilton County Council in this year’s Republican primary on June 2. You can also request to vote by mail by applying for a ballot at indianavoters.com.

Mike Davis, Noblesville