Letter: Elect Dee Thornton



As the primary election draws near, I would like to encourage voters to choose the candidate who will serve our best interests, and it is my educated opinion that Democrat Dee Thornton is the leader we need for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.

I have personally spoken with Dee, and she has attentively listened to my concerns regarding various topics such as education and health care. She continually makes herself available so that she can get to know and listen to the struggles and issues that are most concerning to people. You may go to her website, deethorntonforcongress.com, to read her viewpoints, or you may join a virtual conference on any Wednesday at 9 a.m. Information on how to do so is found on her website.

Dee’s excellent work ethic stems from a variety of opportunities. She played basketball for the University of Louisville, and being a college athlete requires commitment and diligence in order to achieve success. She started her career at Xerox, where she worked for 30 years, and during that time she accepted leadership positions and became an executive for the company. In addition, she values time with her family and her role as a mother. What truly has impressed me the most about Dee is that she upholds the highest standards of integrity, honesty and respect. It is imperative that we elect someone who will serve our best interests. Dee Thornton has the

experience, the determination and the plan to make our lives and our communities better; thus, I am endorsing and voting for Dee Thornton to represent Indiana’s 5th District.

Sharon Eickhoff, Westfield