Letter: Corbett supports McMillan



Career politician ought to be an oxymoron but, unfortunately, it’s not. I’m a firm believer that public office should be a temporary condition. It prevents people from getting too powerful and keeps fresh ideas flowing. With a few notable exceptions, lengthy political careers do not lead to creative solutions or enlightened thinking. That’s one reason I’m supporting Charlie McMillan for Hamilton County commissioner this year.

A lifelong resident of Noblesville and a local businessman, Charlie has deep roots in the community and an impressive record of working on behalf of the people. By serving on a county board, he’s developed a knowledge of the workings of county government and established relationships needed to get things done. He has well-reasoned positions on the issues. Nothing flashy or radical, but solid and sensible positions on issues that matter and would be his responsibility if he’s elected.

The incumbent is a fine man and has served the county well, but enough is enough. I don’t think having the state’s longest-serving commissioner is anything for Hamilton County to be proud of. Businesses learned long ago that you get the best performance out of CEOs when their terms are short. The average is about five years. The governor and president can only serve for eight. Commissioners are the closest thing we have to a top executive in county government and none should be in office for 30-plus years.

I’ve known Charlie for 10 years and found him to be honest, hardworking and approachable. He’s also a darn good mechanic. Check out Charlie McMillan at charliemcmillanjr.com and see if you don’t agree that it’s time for a change.

Mike Corbett, Noblesville