CSO shares love of music on Facebook


Carmel Symphony Orchestra Music Director Janna Hymes wants to keep the music alive during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some of our musicians are making videos and these are appearing on our Facebook page,” Hymes said of the Music Heals, Music Unites, Music Brings People Together program. “It’s a great diversion and gives our musicians a chance to express themselves.”

“Let the Music Play … Getting to Know YOUR CSO” was scheduled to debut April 11 on the CSO Facebook page. A second edition will be presented at 7:30 p.m. April 18, and that likely will continue on more Saturday nights during the spring.

“We’ll have interviews and snippets of different musicians just talking or playing,” Hymes said. “It’s a way of getting to know your orchestra in a way you didn’t get to before.”

Hymes said musicians might talk about interests and life experiences.

“They are 80 different people and they all have different stories and we’re going to be telling those stories and interweave it with concert video,” Hymes said. “A lot of orchestras are just putting on video concerts, so you can just sit in your home and watch. We wanted to do something different.”

Hymes said the CSO was building good momentum when the final two concerts were canceled due to the pandemic.

“We’re trying to keep the work going, so we are rescheduling concerts, putting the finishing touches on the 2020-21 season and will announce sometime this spring with the hope we can go full force in October,” Hymes said.

“The Journey into Jazz” concert with Edgar Meyer was originally scheduled for March 14 and was postponed the day before because of gathering limits. It was postponed again until May 30, but Hymes said it will now be held as part of the 2020-21 season, likely a January date. “The Passport to Prague” concert, scheduled for April 18, has been canceled. But other concerts and events will be added, Hymes said.

“It’s a real hard time for some of our musicians. They go from gig to gig, so we feel for them,” Hymes said. “There are websites we turn them on to where they can get money from the government and get through this time period.”