’American Valentine’ shows at IRT


Missy Thompson is eager for Dance Kaleidoscope’s presentation of “American Valentine” for several reasons.

“This Valentine’s Day is particularly special to me; I got engaged over the holidays,” she said. “So, I can’t wait to perform this beautiful show and then celebrate with my fiancé afterward with a glass of champagne in the lobby.”


Dance Kaleidoscope will present four performances of “American Valentine” Feb. 13-16 at the Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis.

And Indianapolis resident, Thompson choreographed “The Jones Effect,” which is part of Act 1 called “Our America.” She also is featured in Act 2’s “Facets of Love” in a comedic trio to the country western song, “Stand By Your Man.”

“The inspiration for ‘The Jones Effect’ came from the most unexpected place,” Thompson said. “While traveling last summer, the hotel where I was staying caught fire, and everyone had to evacuate. Rather than making us spend hours outside in the hot sun, we were invited to wait inside the adjoining casino. Since I’m not a gambler, I spent the time watching people. The juxtaposition of the gamblers and the machines was fascinating. After hours of a seemingly endless cycle of euphoria and despair, the driving concept for “The Jones Effect’ was born.”

Thompson said choreographing with limited rehearsal time is always challenging.

“But working with professional dancers who happen to be my colleagues makes the process much more enjoyable,” she said. “Since we dance together every day, we were able to communicate and problem-solve in a collaborative and constructive way.

Dance Kaleidoscope debuted “Our America” at the 2019 IndyFringe Festival. Thompson said Dance Kaleidoscope Artistic Director David Hochoy invited the dancers to choreograph what they found beautiful and hopeful about the U.S.

“In the span of only a few weeks, the pieces were choreographed from start to finish,” Thompson said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us, and (it’s) exciting to see our hard work come to life in front of audiences.”

Thompson said “Facets of Love” has a variety of love duets that were fun to put together.

“Each piece tells its own story of love and takes the audience on a journey that varies from fun and flirty to heartbreaking and soulful. I think there will be something for everyone,” she said.

For tickets and times, visit dancekal.org.