At the Table with Anna


Where to go: 1933 Lounge

Address: 9707 District North Dr., Fishers

What to get: Oysters Rockefeller

Price: $18

Anna’s take: 1933 Lounge is one of the first new restaurants to open in The Yard at Fishers District. For patrons 21 and older, the restaurant offers bar seating, sit-down tables and large, wing-backed leather chairs in a quiet corner, ideal for craft cocktails and good conversation. It’s a St. Elmo Steakhouse sister restaurant, so you know the famous shrimp cocktail is on the menu. I tried a variety of offerings, and my favorite was the Oysters Rockefeller – six oyster half-shells on a bed of rock salt. The oysters are topped with steamed spinach and a brandy, Pernod, Parmigiano-Reggiano mix, and then baked. The result is a delicious mouthful that I simply couldn’t stop eating.

1933 Lounge’s Oysters Rockefeller are layered with steamed spinach on top of an oyster half-shell and topped with a brandy, Pernod and Parmigiano-Reggiano mix, then baked.(Photo by Anna Skinner)

I also tried the grilled slab bacon ($14), which is locally sourced from Smoking Goose. It is a sweet, sticky treat with a root beer maple glaze, and is great for sharing.

1933 Lounge offers lunch items and combination plates, so I tried the combo plate called The Executive ($24), which is available from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. It is a great sampler platter and includes a three-piece St. Elmo shrimp cocktail, two sliders (you can pick from filet, shrimp po’boy or Wagyu beef) and a small Caesar salad or fries.

One quick comment on the shrimp cocktail – if you’ve tried it, you know the burn that accompanies it and takes command of all your senses. If you haven’t tried it and plan to, here’s a tip: After you feel the burning in your nose and your eyes tear up, inhale through your nose and out your mouth. This may feel like it intensifies it for a second, but it soothes the burn.  

Suggested pairings: 1933 Lounge has a long list of excellent craft cocktails; many you’ll see listed in Current Publishing’s Behind Bars recipe in the coming weeks. It offers a bourbon flight, which won my heart, but I would suggest ordering a craft cocktail, such as The Godfather (Scotch, amaretto, Luxardo Cherry Liqueur) or the espresso martini (Stoli Vanilla, Nocello, Woodford Reserve chocolate bitters and espresso).