Letter: Letter prompts Duke response



Several weeks ago, you were kind enough to include a brief letter I wrote to you entitled “Unplugged in Carmel” concerning frequent Duke power outages in the Village of Mt. Carmel neighborhood. Clearly, your publication is widely read in Carmel, as evidenced by my receiving a call this week from a representative from Duke Energy. The key points expressed by Mr. Dunngan are as follows:

  • Duke Energy is aware that the grid for the neighborhood has more power outages than our surrounding neighborhoods.
  • By January 2020, Duke will complete the addition of a second power bank to our grid, tripling its power capacity.
  • By December 2020, Duke will add a number of new circuits to our grid that will reduce the frequency, duration and number of homes impacted by future outages.
  • Pending the final approval by the City of Carmel, Duke will build a new substation by 2021 that will further reduce power outages in our area.

I made two suggestions to the Duke representative: (1) Duke Energy may want to submit their own statement to Current in Carmel outlining their planned substation improvements in greater detail; and, (2) It would be helpful if Duke specified the root cause for future outages as a feature on its automated phone messaging system.

Rick Place, Carmel