Letter: Carefully consider word choice in headlines



Any headline with the word “racism” in it automatically triggers the reader’s brain to say “Oh, boy, just what we need is more reminders of what a bunch of racists we are!” However, if one decides to actually read the full article, then and only then can one make an unbiased opinion of the content. One person will determine if racism is in fact involved and the next will not. In this case, I fall in the latter category.

After reading many times and studying the facts in your article on Carmel police racism, I believe the Carmel Police Dept. and not WISH-TV. In this country, we are still innocent until proven guilty. I believe the CPD has more facts proving WISH-TV’s story to be inaccurate than WISH-TV can prove racism by the CPD. I believe the printed news should think twice before blaring a very divisive word across headlines.

Jay McCarty, Carmel