Letter: The Convention of States Project



Article V. of the Constitution prescribes two methods for the proposing and ratifying of amendments; the first via Congress, the second via the people through their collective states. The Founders put this second clause into Article V. to allow the people to bypass congress in amending our Constitution. Far too many citizens now realize that Washington is broken and is neither capable nor desirous of correcting the problems it has created.

The Convention of States Project is a grassroots movement whose aim is to limit the size, scope and power of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints to limit spending and debt, curb onerous and overlapping regulations and set term limits for legislators, the judiciary and other federal bureaucrats through the amendment process.

To learn more about the Convention of States Project, please visit conventionofstates.com. I urge you to join me and the countless thousands of others across our country in working toward this last, best chance to restore liberty in America.

Larry Hutson, Carmel