Opinion: Hitting the Hamiltonian lottery


Friends, I won the lottery! Not that lottery. You think I’d still be writing this column if I were a newly minted millionaire? Puh-lease. Maybe I’d pen one final commentary at 36,000 feet aboard my new Gulfstream en route to Davos, but that’d be it. So long, suckers!

No, I won two $10 tickets to “Hamilton” in Chicago! I know! I’ve seen the musical before but have been wanting to take my youngest daughter, Maddie. I thought we’d go to the touring one here in Indianapolis this month, but the tickets start at $175, and that’s for a weekday matinee with a “limited view,” i.e., “behind a giant pole.” Which makes absolutely no sense to me. It’s not the original cast, it’s not Broadway and it’s been out for almost five years. I just couldn’t stomach shelling out that much dough for a show, even one as fantastic as “Hamilton.”

Then, I discovered the lottery. I installed the “Hamilton” app, signed up for email notifications and have literally been entering daily since 2017. Chicago, Madison, Wis., Milwaukee, Louisville. If I could drive there in a reasonable amount of time, I threw my tricorn hat into the ring. Because that’s the thing. If you win, you’re given only four hours to accept the tickets for a next-day production. Yowsers.

When a “Congratulations” popped up in my inbox, I nearly peed my pants. After all this time, it was happening! So, for 20 bucks, Maddie and I were able to see “Hamilton” in Chicago. Our seats weren’t perfect (we were under a substantial can-only-glimpse-feet-if-they-sing-from-the-second-story-of-the-set overhang), but definitely worth it.

I can’t believe I won the lottery!

Peace out.