Meet Annie Crump

CIC COM 1029 CoC Crump

Compiled by Shelly Gattlieb

Originally from the north side of Indianapolis, Annie Crump said that the best part of living in Carmel is the balance of an urban feel with the advantages of a close community. Crump attended DePauw University and graduated with a degree in health care administration. Since 2000, she has been a full-time employee of DQE, a local business that sells emergency response equipment and provides training and consulting services to hospitals and fire departments. 

Crump also is a part-time server at Danny Boy Beer Works in the Village of West Clay, where she enjoys interacting with the regular customers, especially the Saturday sports fans or Tuesday night trivia teams. She loves to play pool, cornhole and euchre as well as attend sporting events or listen to live music, watch funny movies or work out at the Monon Community Center.

Dream vacation: Ireland

Favorite song: “American Pie”

Something she has never related to: being high-maintenance

Best movie of all time: “The Godfather”

Favorite childhood cartoon: “Scooby-Doo”

Perfect date: Pacers or Colts game

Favorite store: Anthropologie

Class she would like to take: advanced World War II history

Least favorite food: mushrooms

Favorite singer: Kenny Chesney

Ironic experience: Traveling to Russia and breaking her camera on first day

Least favorite song: “Love Shack”

Sorority: Alpha Gamma Delta

Place she doesn’t enjoy: flea markets

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